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Karen Durant



Reviews for Jakob Cristian Zethner


"Superb Fasolt - look out for the voice"

Sunday Telegraph / Das Rheingold, Longborough Festival Opera


"Sight one of season undoubtedly triumphs,the frazzled Fasolt (Jacob Zether-Møller) and his brother Fafner (Mark Richardson) they packed considerable punch."

Opera Now / Das Rheingold, Longborough Festival Opera


"Seriously good luck to Jacob Zethner-Møller whose wonderful bass voice, superb text and stage presence turns Figaro into the leading role, which Mozart almost forgets to the advantage of the female characters."

The Weekend Times, Denmark / Marriage of Figaro, Aarhus Summer Opera


"The audience can adjust their senses with Jacob Zethner-Møller's eminent and sublime vocal capability."

The Weekend Times, Denmark / Salome, Danish National Opera



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